How to Apply

How to Apply

Please first check there is availability (see below) for when you want to come – we will try and keep this section as up to date as we can. We will hold any ‘bookings’ for confirmed parties but will not hold during any ‘negotiation’ time. The first to be accepted by us is the winner!

A condition of your application (and therefore to your acceptance to stay as a volunteer at Lodgecol) is that you have read and agree with all of the information under the volunteer tab on our website, particularly those discussed on the volunteer requirements page. This info may change at any time but we will honour this commitment at the time of the agreement for your stay.

Send an email application (there is no formal application form as this is hard work and unnecessary) Include the answers to the 10 questions at the bottom of this page.

Current availability status is: We are reopening autumn 2017. Get in touch NOW!! 

Current jobs for late ’17 early ’18 will be: 

A lot of jobs follow a seasonal nature, since we are working with the weather and the plants and animals on which they depend. This means more or less during the rains (May to October/ Novemeber) there is a lot of weeding and macheteing to be done. During the dry season (October/November to May) we will be watering plants and trees, making compost etc.

A lot of the other jobs are one-off / major and minor projects and come as opportunity arises but to give you some idea:
Rock hauling – for construction, tree circles etc (on site)
Managing of annual vegetable garden, planting, harvesting, calibrating drip irrigation system, processing, seeding, up-planting, weeding etc.
Macheteing in general
Extending irrigation system for the fruit trees (hardware dependent)
Building infrastructure (improving / building paths)
Collecting and moving rocks for later build of main house from off-site
General farm jobs (caring for chickens, watering and weeding gardens, up-planting, filling tanks, helping with the bees if you are up for it!)

Specialist jobs: 

I’m particularly interested in anyone who can teach guitar, singing or yoga! 🙂

Building a tank for tilapia. We need a builder able to deal with reinforced concrete, block, basic plumbing and natural rock construction.

If you think that you meet the requirements for our volunteers, we really want to hear from you so use your superior non-automated intelligence to send us an short email to to tell us a little about yourself (relevant studies, work experience, interests etc.) and answering the questions below. This is not designed to be tricky nor do we expect an essay, but just to ensure that you have read our information. The answers are ALL on just 3 pages under the volunteers tab. Make life easy for you and for us. PLEASE READ THE INFORMATION!

What should I include?

  1. Introduce yourself! Where are you from / do you live? Do you speak English and / or Spanish? Are you male or female, how old etc. It is great to paint a picture of our volunteers before you arrive. Put a photo maybe. We have a lot of applications. I dont care what you look like but it is nice to have a face to a name. Thanks.
  2. What type of stay are you looking for? See here.
  3. What projects interest you (see job sheet) or what areas of work do you have the skills or enthusiasm to contribute to? Enthusiam counts more than experience here! (There is no guarantee that this will be happening when you are here but it is good you have ideas in mind).
  4. What is ENTIRELY at your own risk?
  5. What is NOT included in return for your work and may be available for purchase?
  6. What will you be charged for your stay with us (starting January 2014) and what is this for?
  7. Do you have any special requirements and how can we deliver this with minimum effort to us? (Bearing in mind we are a rural farm, eat communally and are NOT vegetarians)
  8. How long would you like to stay and when do you plan to arrive?

We look forward to hearing from you!

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