How to find / get to us

Where are we?

We are situated near a village called Yalcoba, mid-way between Merida and Cancun here, less than 2 hours’ drive from either and 30kms (20 miles) from the beautiful colonial town of Valladolid in the Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico. We are less than 1 1/4 hours from the Caribbean at Tulum.

Various methods of transport are outlined below to help you get to us and find us more easily:

  • Direct links for airlines and brokers for flights from USA, Canada and Europe to Cancun. Some flights from North America also fly to Merida. Cancun is serviced by many budget airlines, so the major airlines are more competitive too.
  • Links for the bus for long haul services (USA and Mexico) to allow arrival by public transport. Downloadable PDFs with full instructions (routes, timetables, prices, interconnections etc) for local airport connections and taxis.
  • Driving information from the local international airports including directions, sat-nav grid references, toll prices and distances – again, all in downloadable PDF format for easy printing
  • Google Maps directions from both Merida and Cancun airports
  • Google satellite map of our location for your reference

Flights from USA, Canada and Europe

  • US Airways, American AirlinesAir Canada, United and Continental all fly to Cancun from USA/Canada direct. Cancun is also serviced by budget airlines such as Jetblue too. Check with them to find out where they fly from.
  • KLM which flies from Amsterdam (AMS) to Cancun (CUN).
  • Budget airline Thomson flies direct from UK to Cancun (CUN) from various airports during selected seasons. There are sister companies that also fly with the same banner (logo) from sites across Europe.
  • British Airways (BA) and Virgin which fly direct from London Heathrow (LHR) to Cancun (CUN).
  • Iberia (IB) which flies from Spain to Cancun (CUN).
  • Aeromexico (AM) which flies from all over the world to Cancun (CUN).

Travelocity, Expedia and Zugu are all brokers for flights, but tend to be cheaper than booking direct. Also try Googling “cheap flights Cancun+ (your location)”

NOTE: These links are here to help our guests and volunteers. If the info is not correct, or you think is incomplete, please let us know.


Buses are environmentally a far cleaner and cheaper way of getting around than driving. However, the journey is not to long from Merida or Cancun (around 2 1/2 hours) to Valladolid.

Detailed and downloadable instructions in pdf format for printing or taking with you on a smart phone for arriving by public transport. If you are arriving from Cancun click here. If you are arriving from Merida click here.  We can usually collect on WEDNESDAYS (and sometimes at the weekend) by agreement only, from Valladolid. The instructions in the PDF above will allow you to arrive on other days too by using the cheap shared local taxis from Valladolid. They cost MEX25 ($2) from Valladolid to Yalcoba, and probably another $6 for the last 10kms to our site (ask for Olly and Maria at km9 towards X-Tut (pronounced SH-TUT).

Mexican long haul buses can be found with half space seating allowing almost horizontal reclining and a better sleep. It costs a little more, but you will arrive in a much better state and more able to make the most of your time if you want to see more of Mexico.

Taxis (general and Valladolid to Lodgecol)

As labour and fuel are cheap in Mexico, taxis are amongst the cheapest in the world. We are not suggesting you do this for long haul, but is a good way of getting between airports and bus stations and between bus stations and our site, particularly with bags. Taxis (official ones) from all airports are more expensive, but better cars, more knowledgeable drivers and arguably much safer and still much, much cheaper than USA/Canada/ EU.

If you arrive in Valladolid and want to arrive on your own. Please click here for taxi instructions to arrive to save money or get a regular taxi in the street if you are feeling rich!

Driving Directions

We are situated between Yalcoba and X-Tut, and the GPS co-ordinates of the dirt road entrance to our site from the black top is Latitude: 20.86094 (N) Longitude: -87.99409 (W)

Take the signposted road north towards Yalcoba from a junction situated 13km east of Valladolid on the toll free road Route 180 (the road from Valladolid to X-Can, Tulum or Cancun). On arrival at Yalcoba, proceed through the village centre and follow the sign to X-Tut (take the chicane around the church in the main square).

Proceed along this road to the km9 marker and take the dirt road on the left approximately 20m after the km9 marker. After 500m, take the left (again, tyre marker in tree). After another 500m, take another left (another tyre in tree). Pass the last 500m to the site, making 1500m or about a mile from the road. The road may be passed with a regular road car without problem if you proceed at a slow pace and with caution.

Self Drive – Own Car

You may like to drive yourself from a Mexican airport or other destination to our site. You can find more information about travelling with your own car in Mexico here. Due to the distances involved and the possible paperwork, flying and then getting a rental car may be easier although you may be on tour anyway. Although we dont support driving on your own, sharing a car can be an efficient way of getting about. Fuel is cheap here and cars run on the USA model (generally large with large engines).

Self Drive – Rental

We expect that most visitors will be staying for longer periods, so buses and even taxis are likely to be cheaper than renting a car which may be parked up. BEWARE: Mexican car hire does not quote even compulsory insurance which can quadruple the costs, and comprehensive cover will be even more – ASK.

We plan to have an economical car on site we can rent to you more competitively, with transparent rates, comprehensive insurance and no stress or travelling to the car hire company’s pick up and return location. This supports us, and in turn supports the local economies rather than the international rental companies and share holders.

For larger groups, will be offering a collect service, either from the local bus station or from the airports. This will be free for volunteers staying at least a few weeks and otherwise chargeable but very competitive. Please contact us to enquire.

Useful links to help you find us:

  • Satellite view of site, see exactly where we are located via Google Maps
  • Detailed and downloadable instructions in pdf format for printing or taking with you on a smart phone for arriving by public transport from Cancun or Merida airports (English)
  • Step by step instructions and map for arriving by car (Google Maps) from Cancun (CUN) or Merida (MID)

Are you having problems reading PDF? Download Adobe reader free.

ALL external links are for your convenience and no recommendation is given or implied.

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