Email: Lodgecol. If you are having problems with auto emailing (you don’t have or use Outlook) please use your superior non-automated intelligence to send us an email to

Skype: Search for ‘Lodgecol’ and then add us as a contact. This is very difficult for us as we are off grid and off line but could be arranged in exceptional circumstances.

Phone: +52 (1) 985 1 14 15 51 (Olly Mobile)  The “(1)” is needed for calling from outside of Mexico only. We dont have cell signal on site, but this can be used if for instance we have a problem collecting you and we are in town.

Whatsapp: We are on the same number as Phone (above) for Whatsapp which ALWAYS gets through and sometimes whilst on the farm too. Whatsapp is therefore the preferred route for non- detailed communicatiom. Otherwise please use the email above. Thanks

km9 on the road between Yalcoba and X-tut (follow the tyre signs hanging in the trees!)

We are listed via the HelpX and WWOOF volunteer networks, but they have less information and will redirect you back here. These links are here to show you we are serious and connected!

‘Like’ our Facebook page to stay up to date.

“We are not online that much as we don’t have an internet connection / we are busy looking after our farm and food sources. We will get back to you within 7 days, so sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.

For group bookings, courses or special requirements we can Skype if you would like to talk to us face to face, by mutual prior agreement.”

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